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Hearing from people around the world was uplifting somehow and took my awareness and personal experience of living with the virus from just within myself/my family/my workplace/my town/my county to feeling like we are all really together  - in not just this but in so many ways and that we are all one people on this earth. --Ms. Hall (Audience)

The Film
Alone/Together is a uniquely participatory documentary featuring artists, travelers, teachers, children, parents, and essential workers around the world, struggling and persevering through a deadly pandemic. Told through the eyes and perspective of a chorus of voices, the short documentary connects global citizens in eleven different countries as they begin responding to the COVID-19 outbreak. Our participants are from the US, the UK, Italy, Russia, Taiwan, Japan, China, Malaysia, Germany, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

Why This Film Matters
People all around the world have been suffering from COVID-19. Many of us want to navigate through the darkness and find comfort and inspiration in other people’s experiences. ALONE/TOGETHER is a collage of diverse experiences. While the pandemic has put all of our in-person social lives on hold, we hope that as the movie’s name suggests, it can be just one link away, to bringing everyone “together” again.

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