I, Puppet/ 我, 戲偶

春色惱人半掩門,花開花謝思東君; 御溝吐出長流水,紅葉題詩暗傳文。​--佚名
The door is half opened. Spring disturbs my heart. Flowers bloomed and faded out. I think of him. The river in front of the mansion is going a long way.  I wrote a poem on the red leaf. It carries my message and floats away.--Anonymous

Work-in-progress fundraising screening/製作中影片募資試映會 

The film
The street is my stage! Taiwanese puppeteer Tsai Yi Wei improvises with puppets in the landscape of NYC.
大街就是舞台! 台北偶戲館館長蔡易衛在紐約市大街小巷布袋戲即興演出。

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