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Online & In-Person Exhibition
HEAR, EAT, HOME is a documentary film project that creates common space and harmony with our neighbors

Director: Hsuan Yu Pan



June 14-30 (Fri-Sat 11 am-4 pm) 

#4B (Filmshop House)
Nolan Park, Governors Island NYC

June 15 (1 pm & 3 pm) 

Work-in-progress screenings

June 14 & 16 Short film screenings

Just added June 16 (3 pm)
Work-in-progress screenings

Summer 2024



HEAR, EAT, HOME is a lyric portrait of immigrant musicians and artists expressing themselves and connecting through art, music, and food. They are haunted and inspired by the upheavals they faced in their home countries. New challenges emerge and they follow new paths as they find their way in the United States. The film shows immigrant artists and musicians sharing their hopes, dreams, and challenges in the US, remembering their cultural identities through family stories.

“Individual stories change people’s views.”

-Deema & Farrah, co-founders of Founder of Immigrants Act Now-

Key Message
Communicate and collaborate with your neighbors. Let us share Immigrants’ hopes, dreams, and challenges in the US and remember their cultural identities through family stories. We want to help immigrants build self-esteem so they can care for themselves and look out for their neighbors regardless of the differences in cultures, religions, and everything that divides people.

Key Participants
Left to right: Kinan Azmeh (Composer & Clarinetist, Syria), Kevork Mourad (Visual Artist, Syria), Kaoru Watanabe (Composer & Musician, USA) Irian Sheynfeld (Visual Artist, Ukraine), and Alex Pryrodny (Composer & Pianist, Ukraine) 
Key Film Team Members
Left to right: Hsuan Yu Pan (Director & Producer), George Hirose (Executive Producer), Nancy Wolfe (Producer), and Greg Mocker (Producer)

Director Bio

New York City-based Taiwanese American documentary filmmaker Hsuan Yu Pan loves to explore human stories through her lens. She is a segment producer at BRIC TV, a community TV station in Brooklyn, from 2011 to 2020. While making her first feature documentary film HEAR, EAT, HOME since 2017, she has directed more than 4 documentary short films that tell immigrant stories. They were selected at numerous film festivals nationwide and internationally. Pan continues to make films and tell immigrant stories to raise awareness of immigrants’ rights.

Director Statement 

Regardless of where we come from, living in NYC makes us neighbors, and we can engage in conversations and discussions to find solutions and harmony. I hope that HEAR, EAT, HOME can bring immigrants from diverse cultures together and amplify our voices to improve our society.

Scene by Scene