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Hear, Eat, Home

You cannot be only just playing your instrument and not being aware of the world around you.
--Kinan Azmeh (Clarine
tist, Syria)

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The Film
Documentary HEAR, EAT, HOME is a lyric portrait of immigrant musicians and artists expressing themselves and connecting through art, music, and food. They are haunted and inspired by the upheavals they faced in their home countries. New challenges emerge and they follow new paths as they find their way in the United States. 

HEAR, EAT, HOME has a series of 4 short documentaries: SHINOBU, MY MOTHER'S TABLE, KINAN'S VISION, and THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SE
A that discuss home from immigrants' and refugees' perspectives.

*HEAR, EAT, HOME is a grantee of New York State Council on the Art (NYSCA) FY2023 Support for Artists Grant award (link)

Why This Film Matters
Since 2016, discrimination and hate crimes against immigrants have escalated dramatically. Immigrants live in fear and their safety is in jeopardy. That is a burden that is nearly impossible to bear. The simple chore of going to the grocery store or walking home from the subway is dangerous. Many factors have led to this atmosphere of anxiety. In 2017, a Muslim travel ban impacted the livelihood of global artists. In 2022, hate crimes against the Asian immigrant communities have increased and focused attention on the concerns of the community.

Many families and friends from all walks of life are having conversations about the current state of affairs. The dinner table can become that stage.

As the director, I share the belief with Azmeh, Mourad, and Watanabe, that fellowship and food create a connection. I have sat with them and shared stories and my own life experiences become a part of the production. Including an Asian-American point of view is essential to this film. It demonstrates the collaboration between immigrant communities and the importance of Asian immigrant representation.

As people from different communities break bread together and discuss one another’s experiences and questions, you can see prejudices and misconceptions disappear. We hope that by celebrating music, food, and stories of our artists, this film creates some common space during this difficult time, and brings hope and inspiration.

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