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I, Puppet/ 我, 戲偶

I, PUPPET is Hsuan Yu Pan’s magical, poetic, and engaging profile of Tsai Yi Wei’s creative and imaginative use of puppetry. This work-in-progress highlights the art form in an imaginative odyssey through New York. I look forward to the final cut.
Herb Paine, Senior Contributing Editor, BroadwayWorld/Phoenix                        
Voted BEST THEATRE CRITIC 2022 by PHOENIX magazine

Fiscal Sponsor


Taiwanese American Arts Council (TAAC)

47-40 190th Street, Flushing NY 11358, USA

FEIN: 47-1031066
US tax-deductible donations are available by making checks to TAAC. Please contact Hsuan Yu Pan (email: before making donations. 

If you don't need US tax deductions, you may also donate through Paypal anytime and watch the 5-minute film after making a donation.

我,戲偶 ​目前籌備後製中, 需要您的支持。您可透過台美協會(TAAC)贊助取得美國地區減稅優惠。也可透過下面"Donate Now" 使用Paypal一般贊助, 謝謝大家。歡迎來信詢問:

The Film
5-minute version
The street is my stage! Taiwanese puppeteer Tsai Yi Wei's experiential Potehi improvisation in NYC's landscapes.

​Exhibitions & Screenings
Walking in the Cosmos: Artists Interpreting Urban Reverence (Voelker Orth Museum NYC 2022)
Afternoon At The Movies (Taiwan Center NYC 2022)

Longer version in development 
Taiwanese Potehi is a form of puppetry that has been performed for centuries. Yi Wei Tsai is an artist working to preserve the traditional craft and discover himself. His story is also revealed through interactions with the different generations of his conservative family and his own son. 

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