You cannot ignore injustice or something bad happening in other parts of the world.
--Alex Pryrodny (Pianist, Ukraine)

We are currently hosting a work-in-progress online screening and fundraising for the post-production of the film. Please use the links below for access.

Fiscal Sponsor 
The stand-alone film is also part of HEAR, EAT, HOME. For US tax deductible donations click the link below, via Women Make Movies. For all other types of donations, please contact us at


The Film

After Russia invaded Ukraine in Feb 2022, our community of immigrant artists and musicians in the New York City area looked to the other side of the world. They felt stunned and frozen and needed to do something to bring awareness to the war and refugee crisis.

They seek to renew a connection to the other side of the sea. Their instruments of change are pianos and paintbrushes. Haunted and inspired by the upheavals facing family and friends, neighbors and strangers in their home countries, they take action through art.

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