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The Years of Weaving

Even though Russia has begun this war against Ukraine, we still have a chance to find the language to speak and stop the war. I think this language could be a craft. -- Ludmila Christeseva, Belarusian-Swedish Visual Artist

The Film  (in development)
After Russia's Invasion of Ukraine, Belarusian-Swedish visual artist Ludmila Christeseva leads a brave group of Ukrainian refugees as they unite women to weave together for peace.

About the Artist 

Belarusian-Swedish visual artist Ludmila Christeseva, a Nelson Mandela Prize 2023 Nominee, and the winner of the Impact of the Year by IHM BY Impact Awards, understands the power of collective action and the symbolism of weaving. She passionately involves a diverse range of people, including civilians unfamiliar with art, and encourages them to participate in creating textile installations and fashion collections. Exploring the traditional Ukrainian weaving technique of camouflage nets production, Christeseva fosters inclusivity and allows more people to experience the transformative power of art.

Why this Film
Since Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine erupted on Feb 24, 2022, nearly 6 million refugees fleeing Ukraine have been recorded across Europe, while an
estimated 8 million others had been displaced within the country by late May 2022. Christeseva organized textile workshops for Ukrainian refugees, mothers and children in Stockholm as soon as they arrived.  Since then, they have been collaborating in creative activities with weaving including Crafts that Unite, Heal, and Last (Sweden), Women Weave for Peace (Norway), and Fashion Collection for Peace (Sweden) in 2023.


Through their efforts, Christeseva and her team provided a creative outlet for those affected by the crisis, helping these women cope with the trauma of displacement and fostering a renewed sense of hope. The fashion events also provide them with opportunities for entering the Swedish career market by showing their skills, qualifications, and aspirations to potential employers


Solidarity Sisterhood is the concept through the projects. Ludmila and her team invited women from all walks of life, Ukrainian and other nations, to participate in the project. By bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds, they aimed to demonstrate the strength of solidarity and the shared desire for peace. We hope the film will inspire our audience.

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