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Join Us! Not Your Typical Concert

Oct 11, 2023
Nolan Park, Governors Island, NYC

We want to invite you to be part of our musical documentary film production HEAR, EAT, HOME and enjoy the special treat in music and art that only can be found in a multicultural city like NYC.

The feature-length documentary HEAR, EAT, HOME is a lyric portrait of immigrant musicians and artists expressing themselves and connecting through art, music, and food. They are haunted and inspired by the upheavals they faced in their home countries. New challenges emerge and they follow new paths as they find their way in the United States.

What’s happening?

We plan to film the key scene that shows musicians and artists from different cultures through collaboration creating harmony together surrounding the multicultural audience in the beautiful city.


We want to invite you to be part of the audience sitting around the set and enjoying the performance while we are filming. We encourage you to bring the food that represents your culture because the story is about home and memories. We also have a jam session to film and we invite musicians who want to have the opportunity to jam with world-class musicians.


Nolan Park, Governors Island

How do I participate?

-RSVP on Eventbrite and join us on the film set!

We will roughly start around noon and finish by 5 p.m. We will direct you during the filming to get the best result. We appreciate your cooperation.

-Sign up newsletter and social media for upcoming updates


Yes! Donate! HEAR, EAT, HOME is an independent documentary film project. Your support is very important to make the film production happen!


Our immediate need is $2,500 for filming the concert scene on Oct. 11, which is the key scene to link individual artists' stories together. With $500, we can feed the artists and crew members. With $2,000, we can pay our production crew properly.

Additionally, we are seeking $105,000 to complete the post-production.

Please consider making a donation via Eventbrite for a period of time. For U.S. tax-deductible donations, you may also use WOMEN MAKE MOVIES (WMM), which is our project’s fiscal sponsor, anytime.

Community Supporters
Taiwanese American Arts Council

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