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Trailers: My Mother's Table & The Other Side of the Sea
Hsuan-Yu Pan

Trailers: My Mother's Table & The Other Side of the Sea

Compassionate Filmmaking During Displacement
-Film Screening & Artist Talk 


Webinar Replay: Compassionate Filmmaking During Displacement

Please consider donating by clicking the coffee cup icon below (or go to direct link) to support Refugee Week Taiwan (RWT) and The Other Side of The Sea film team (the film team) for their upcoming projects. For $300, RWT can plan the next event, and for $500, the film team can hire an editor for a day to continue working on Project Mila's fundraising trailer.

Refugee Week is the world’s largest arts and culture festival, celebrating the contributions, resilience, and creativity of refugees and people seeking sanctuary. Refugee Week Taiwan joined this worldwide celebration in 2021 with the aim of raising awareness of global displacement in Taiwan.

This year’s activities theme is "Compassion: The Moments in Our Lives". Compassion is not sympathy but the ability to embrace differences and recognize challenges facing other members of society. 


Connection is essential for nurturing compassion. The more we see, hear, and interact with asylum seekers, the less we ignore, stereotype, and distance ourselves from them. 


We selected three films featuring the experiences of people seeking safety in a foreign land — the ordinary, fearful, hopeful, and potentially life-changing moments.


The screenings and penal discussions will occur between June 18 and 22, 2023. All events will be in English.  

On June 22 (Thur.), we are pleased to have Taiwanese director Hsuan Yu Pan, producer Nancy Wolfe, and featured artist Ludmila Christeseva join the screening of the two films My Mother’s Table and The Other Side of the Sea.

They will share their filmmaking process and stories. The protagonists in these two films are from Syria and Ukraine, and the films describe their nostalgia for their hometowns and how they advocate anti-war and peace for their motherland. 


We would love to invite the public to join the discussion about compassion and empathy based on the content of the documentary films, how the filmmaker tells the story of refugees through the lens, and how refugees tell theirs.


Hsuan Yu Pan (Left), Ludmila Christeseva (Middle), Nancy Wolfe (Right)

Event Information 

Date: Thursday 22 June 2023

Time: 8-9:30 p.m. (GMT+8) / 8-9:30 a.m. (ET)

Venue: Online

Registration is required:

Film Description
My Mother’s Table
Kurdish refugees, a mother, and her daughter, introduce their hometown, Aleppo, Syria, with their passion for cooking.

The Other Side of the Sea
Ukrainian immigrant artists in NYC work together with different immigrant groups to respond to ongoing Russia's Invasion of Ukraine.

More Information 

Free screening between 20-25 June: Registered participants will receive a link to the films so they have the option to watch the films before the event. The link will be sent out via email on 20 June. 


Private rental screening ($5) between 24-30 June: If you miss the event or want to watch the films again, you can donate $5 to access the films between 23 and 30 June. More details will be released on our social media on 22 June.

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